"BARS Group Companies" is an international logistics operator

"BARS Group Companies" is an international logistics operator providing a full range of services for the delivery of goods to anywhere in the world by road, sea, air and rail transport. Multimodal (combined) transportation.

Our main activities:

  • Cargo transportation all over the world "door to door". Domestic transportation. We advise on choosing the most suitable route and do freight rates calculations.
  • Customs clearance of import and export, transit cargo in Russia. We will help you insure the cargo, issue certificates, organize warehousing of cargo.
  • Business with China (Selection of both manufacturers and suppliers. Search for buyers. The full list of posibilities is here: www.gk-bars.ru)
  • We offer to use the NORTH-SOUTH international transport corridor as an alternative to the route through the Suez Canal. This route allows you to make delivery faster. It’s very interesting for the delivery of goods from the following countries: India, Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya.

 "BARS Group Companies"

Contact Information

Business with China:

Dmitry Gurvich Mob.: +7 (911) 811-28-98,  Моб.: +7 (800) 250-60-69,  E-mail: gurvich@gk-bars.com

Multimodal transportation. Customs clearance. :

Larisa Kropocheva Mob.:+7 (911) 730-17-20,  E-mail:  kll@gk-bars.com

International and Russian road transport

Vladimir Pushkin Mob.: +7 (911) 225-04-53,  E-mail: vmp@gk-bars.com

Sea transportations. Insurance.

Vadim Nasyrov Mob.: +7 (911) 730-16-18 ,  E-mail: vrn@gk-bars.com

Head of the Eastern Department

Marina Artemyeva Mob.: +7 (911) 730-12-87 ,  E-mail: amv@gk-bars.com

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